At Great Hearts schools, the student uniform is an essential part of who we are and what we do. The uniform serves to unify our students as one community of learners, irrespective of our diverse backgrounds. The uniform also signifies to the larger community our common purpose and identity as schools in pursuit of the true, the good, and the beautiful. Finally, the uniform frees our students to pursue their intellectual and moral development as individuals, without the distractions of fad and fashion. True individuality is formed in the heart and mind, not in appearances.

Archway Trivium is proud to partner with Anton Uniforms and Dennis Uniforms.  Uniforms are now available at Anton Uniforms and Dennis Uniforms.

2024-25 Uniform and Dress Code Policy

2024-25 New Family Orientation Presentation (with examples of Uniform Do’s/Don’ts)

For questions about our Uniform Policy and Dress Code, please contact our Dean of Students.

Student Dress Code Reminders: 

Archway Trivium and Trivium Prep will be doing a reset of sorts regarding the uniform policy. Please keep in mind that there are differences between the Archway and Prep uniform policies given the age of the students. While there may be slight adjustments to the Family Handbook from the network, the major points are the same. Those major points are listed below. As always, we highly encourage you to look over the uniform policy in its fullness by accessing the Family Handbook so that there are little to no surprises going into the next school year. Thank you!

  • Solid White/Black athletic shoes– no additional colors on sole or laces
  • Ankle or knee-high socks in navy or white or black
  • Tumbler with handles and straws are not allowed. Water bottles should be free of stickers that are pop-culture related.
  • All uniform tops and bottoms can be purchased from Anton Uniforms or Dennis Uniform or be indistinguishable from those vendor uniforms. This includes sweaters (navy blue sweaters with a patch sewn on is NOT an approved sweater).

If the cost of the uniform presents a financial hardship for your family, please contact us for assistance.

Anton Uniforms



Dennis Uniform

Website:  *Archway Trivium School Code: QAT

Dennis “Welcome Kit” Guide to Uniform Shopping