Archway Trivium: Purple Star School Candidate

School Liaison Officer (Luke AFB)
Stacey Holland

School Liaison for Trivium Prep and Archway Trivium
Christopher Wright

The School Liaison Officer works directly for Luke AFB Leadership by creating partnerships with the Local Education Agencies and the Community, Advocate for military-connected students, provide school choice options to parents, support families through transitions and deployments, help families navigate through Military Interstate Compact Transitional Issues, oversee the school Military Family Life Counselor, and tracks trends, challenges, and best practices in the community.
Military One Source provides information about a variety of topics including education, parenting, childcare, relocation, deployment and everyday concerns. Users can order materials, download articles and audio clips at no charge.
MCEC is a nonprofit organization that identifies challenges that face highly mobile military children and implements programs to meet the challenges.

The Compact address key issues encountered by military families: eligibility, enrollment, placement, and graduation. In addition, the Compact provides for a detailed governance structure at both the state and national levels with built-in enforcement and compliance mechanisms. The goal of the Compact is to replace the widely varying policies affecting transitioning military students.

Schools can add other resources, as needed; however, these should be the “four” that are required if they are “Purple Star School Candidates/Schools.” Also, after the Professional Development Training, she will provide Hard-Copy Resources– “Students at the Center”, “Working with Military Children”, and “Serving Military Families” along with other pamphlets and information that can be used to create a Continuity Binder.


A Purple Star School Candidate designation indicates that a school is committed to supporting the unique needs for military-connected children by providing staff and programs to support students during their school transitions or deployment.

Trivium Preparatory is one of four schools that are part of a Purple Star School pilot program in partnership with Luke Air Force Base.

About Archway Trivium, an “A” rated school of over 850 K-5 students providing access from the communities surrounding Luke Air Force Base. The school is located at 2001 N. Bullard Avenue in Goodyear, Arizona.