While students will learn at different paces, we believe that true education is a matter of development over time and within a stable community. At Archway Trivium we give our students individualized attention, within the framework of a common curriculum.

Archway K-5 Curriculum Overview
Classes / Year K 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
English Phonetics, Spelling & Vocabulary
Reading & Literature
Grammar & Composition
History Core Knowledge History & Geography
Math Singapore Math Reasoning Mind
Science Core Knowledge Science
Foreign Language Spanish Latin
Fine Arts Art, Music Theory and Performance
Athletics Physical Education
Other Competitive Chess

Spalding and Singapore Parent Videos

Follow this link to view videos from Great Hearts subject matter experts about our Spalding Phonics and Singapore Math curricula.


1(a)  2(c)  3(d) 4(f) 5(g) 6(o) 7(s) 8(qu) 9(b) 10(e) 11(h) 12(i)

13(j) 14(k) 15(l) 16(m) 17(n) 18(p) 19(r)20(t)21(u) 22(v) 23(w)

24(x) 25(y) 26(z) 27(sh) 28(ee) 29(th) 30(ow) 31(ou) 32(oo)

33(ch) 34(ar)35(ay)36(ai) 37(oy) 38(oi) 39(er) 40(ir) 41(ur) 42(wor)

43(ear) 44(ng) 45(ea) 46(aw) 47(au) 48(or)49(ck)50(wh) 51(ed)

52(ew) 53(ui) 54(oa) 55(gu) 56(ph) 57(ough) 58(oe) 59(ey) 60(igh)

61(kn) 62(gn) 63(wr) 64(ie) 65(dge) 66(ei) 67(eigh) 68(ti) 69(si) 70(ci)