Birthday Celebration Guidelines

Student birthdays are celebrated monthly at Archway Trivium West.  Each teacher will decide on one afternoon recess per month that will be used to celebrate student birthdays that occur in that month. Your classroom parent and teacher will coordinate the particular recess date for the celebration. If your child has a birthday in that particular month, you will be able to organize healthy refreshments to celebrate your child’s special day. However, please abide by the no sweets policy! You can refer to the Birthday Treats document for treat ideas.

Another way to recognize a student’s birthday in the classroom is through the donation of a “Birthday Book.” In lieu of birthday treats/trinkets brought in on the scholar’s birthday, parents may purchase a book to donate to the school library in honor of their scholar’s birthday. The scholar is welcome to bring in the book to the classroom on their birthday, if they want to share why they selected it, i.e. favorite fairy tale, they can briefly share it with the class. For younger scholars with shorter books, the teacher could even read it aloud, if time allows.

View More Information about Donating a Birthday Book Here

Having a birthday party for your child?  If everyone from the class will be invited (or ALL girls/ALL boys), your child may provide invitations to his/her teacher to be put in backpacks at the end of the day. If there is not an invite for every student (or every student of one gender), the teacher will give the invites back to student to take home. If only certain students from a class will be invited, the invitations must be delivered by an adult off school grounds, or mailed by the parent. It is up to the child to get contact information for those he/she would like to invite or you may utilize the Family Directory. Students may NOT pass out individual invitations at school.