2019-20 Faculty Teams

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K-2 Dean of Students & Academics – Deb Ingersoll (Afternoon Office Hours)
3-5 Dean of Students & Academics – Kristin Williams (Morning Office Hours)


Grade-level Lead: Rubi Vasquez
KA – Amy Kratz (Lead), Kristina Archambault (Assistant – AM) , Lori Webster (Assistant – PM)
KB – Rubi Vasquez (Lead), Susana Salinas (Assistant)
KC – Lori Webster (Lead),  Mandy Moore (Assistant)
KD – Meredith Gump (Lead)

Kindergarten Team

1st Grade

Grade-level Lead: Deb Ingersoll
1A – Ashley Horne (Lead), Natalie Velarde (Assistant)
1B – Deb Ingersoll (Co-lead – AM), Shannon Powell (Co-lead – PM), Cynthia Lopez (Assistant)
1C – Chelsea Delgado (Lead), Kendra Montoya (Assistant)

1st Grade Team

2nd Grade

Grade-level Lead: Melissa Stuart
2A – Suzy Lyon (Lead) and Jill Hull (Assistant)
2B – Melissa Stuart (Lead) and Jessie Williams (Assistant)
2C – Melissa Villalobos (Co-lead – Math/Science) and Susana Curiel (Co-lead – ELA/History)

2nd Grade Team

3rd Grade

Grade-level Lead: Nathalia Kane
3A – Jeremy Kratz (Lead) and Maria Shannon (Assistant)
3B – Kathy Manson (Lead) and Retta Hayes (Assistant)
3C – Nathalia Kane (Lead) and Kim Semenza (Assistant)

3rd Team

4th Grade

Grade-level Lead: Leann Higbee
4A – Leann Higbee (Lead) and Laura Bader (Assistant)
4B – Deb Quintanilla (Lead) and Fiona Kolia (Assistant)
4C – Andrew Cho (Co-lead – History/ELA) and Michelle Widowski (Co-lead – Math/Science)

4th Grade Team

5th Grade

Grade-level Lead: Nicki Pacheco
5A – Nicki Pacheco (Lead – History/Science) and Christina Behling (Assistant)
5B – K’Tera Bartels (Lead – Spelling/Grammar/Writing) and Sue Mercy (Assistant)
5C – Natalie Doll (Lead – Math), Darrah Johnson (Assistant- AM) and Nicole Brady (Assistant – PM)
(all 5th grade teachers instruct their homeroom class in Literature)

5th Grade Team

Specials Teachers

Specials Lead: Lindsey Smith
Art – Lindsey Smith (K-1) and Clare Wright (2-5)
Music – Karla Cornell (K-3) and Olga Kim (4-5)
Language – Andrea Hamilton (K-3 Spanish) and Nathan Carmichael (4-5 Latin)
PE – Kristin Taylor (K-3) and Stan Larochelle (4-5)

Specials Team

Student Support Team

Admin Team